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Expressive Worship Workshop & Makeover

Expressive Worship Workshop & Makeover

Tom's teaching and hands-on work with praise bands can transform the way your own worship team functions. Learn how to create the freedom for your congregation to express their worship much more freely and passionately than ever before!

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Expressive Worship: Building Your House of Worship

Expressive Worship: Building Your House of Worship

Learn the basics of planning your worship and understanding your congregation to build your house of worship.

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Expressive Worship: Love the Congregation

Expressive Worship: Love the Congregation

"Self"-consciousness is the enemy of love. And loving the congregation and leading them with authority is what you’re called to do. The foundational principles Tom teaches in these DVDs are vital to your worship team!

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Worship Teams

Reilly on stage

It’s Not a Stage, It’s a PLATFORM!

“We don’t entertain, we worship.” That’s the main resistance we get from worship artists and worship teams about Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method. This is a pretty common concern — and valid. When it comes to worship, we don’t treat that “audience/venue” the same as a band out doing shows and entertaining an audience. But [...]

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Worship Artists

National Praise and Worship Institute (NPWI)

Tom Jackson Joins Faculty of National Praise & Worship Institute

The time has come for Nashville and Christian music to have a school that will give in-depth relevant training to future Worship Pastors and Christian artists. The National Praise and Worship Institute (NPWI) at Trevecca Nazarene University will meet that need and open its doors this summer with its first class. I’ve reviewed this unique [...]

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Community Comments

Sunday Soloist

Worship Leader Janna Pastin

Your Freedom is My Distraction

I’ve had a beef the last several years with an issue that seems to be getting worse: “over exposure”. And I’m not talking about the sun. Maybe it’s just me getting older and each generation has thought this way, but I’m seeing more and more skin on women all the time, and it’s too much [...]

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Christian/Gospel Artists

Army Band Volunteers with Amy

Too Good for This?

I was ready for two days of work with a band in Baltimore. I wondered how it would go, because they’re great musicians and have always been told this. Typically musicians of this caliber would say, “We’re good enough, we don’t need any of that Tom Jackson stuff!” But to their credit, someone in the [...]

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