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5 Really Important Things I’ve Learned In 30 Years – #1

“Believe every word God speaks to you.” Hebrews 3:14-19; Romans 10:9

God is always speaking to us. What was the last thing He said to you (either through the Scriptures, a spoken word through a friend, in nature, or through prayer)? Did you believe it?

So many times we hear God’s voice, acknowledge it, but don’t believe it in our hearts. We write it off to “oh, that’s just me” – wishful thinking – or “God couldn’t really want to do something that amazing!”

Unbelief can be subtle, and although it may seem justified at the time, it will keep you from entering in to God’s promises for your life. Remember Romans 10:9 – “if you confess with your mouth…and believe in your heart.”

When you choose to believe, taking God at His word, then He is able to bring that word to pass and give you a powerful testimony. An excellent reason for daily reading and study of your Bible: so you can know what God has to say about a matter, believe it, and watch it come to pass.

Believe God’s Word and allow Him to lead you into your “promised land.”

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Mary-Kathryn is a 'musical missionary,' who describes her musical style as world fusion music with pop sensibilities. Incorporating sounds and instruments from other nations, her music is birthed from her worship to God – she feels this is part of the message God wants her to share. God has given Mary-Kathryn a freedom in worship, and her style intrigues listeners, inspiring them to be free to worship as well!

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