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Music – It’s a Powerful Thing

I am often amazed at how much music affects the way I feel in any given setting.

I was shopping with my friend, Linda, recently. As we wondered through the aisles of clothing, I was conscious of feeling negative and dark. When I took a minute to analyze the source of irritation, I realized it was the music the store was playing.

The song was from the 70’s…a time in my life that was very unsettled…a time when I was young and desperately trying to find myself. At once, unpleasant mental pictures flooded my memory banks. The fact that a melody or sound had that much power over my subconscious was note worthy.

To get in a better mood, I had to take a minute to thank the Lord that those days from the past were covered by His grace and then I allowed His peace to bring back my joy.

Music is a powerful thing! It can create positive or negative feelings. As I mulled over that truth, this is what I concluded.

Familiar music is typically accompanied with well-worn paths of memories. In fact, rarely do those paths ever change no matter how many times we listen to that song.

However, a new song, sound or lyric causes our mind and emotions to make new paths, see new pictures and vistas of imagination. It allows us to explore beyond the realm of the “familiar” to create new memories.

This was a good reminder for me as a songwriter, to continue to craft new songs that inspire the listener to new experiences. To search for new melodies, lyrics and rhythms that paint fresh pictures of God’s character, which allow new grooves of truth to landscape the soul.

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  1. Jim Drew says:

    So true. I remember watching Invincible the first time, the Disney movie about the Philly bartender who tried out for the Eagles. The memory of the steel mill closings and all the other job issues and the worn hearts of the people and yet the music that in many ways was a comfort as you watched some of the scenes. The idea of Croce’s tune “I’ve Got A Name” through the opening credits contrasting the tough life are an amazing attitude setting. I was s 70′s teen so all that made sense and brought back a ton of memories. The rare times we sing hymns in church, I still feel my mom, (she passed away), the 4’8″ Italian lady, next to me when I sing them. I am a rocker at heart but I just love them old hymns as well. Precious for the memories and then for the depth for connecting with our Father. Thanks for this thought, Leann


  2. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I enjoy the songs that take us back to pleasant memories but I also looking forward to the eternal sounds of Heaven….sounds we’ve never heard before. WOW! What a joyous celebration that will be!

  3. Jim Drew says:

    I am a songwriter so I wholly agree, you just got me reminiscing. LOL!

  4. Jim Drew says:

    Oh, and I have a Pastor friend who reminds us to think about what music might sound like when time is not needed anymore. Hmm,

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