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I See the Resemblance

Whether I’m in Europe (as I am this month), or in Canada (as I will be next month), or in the USA, I find that there are similarities between musicians, singers, artists and bands everywhere!

I’m sure you think I’m talking about people being people – making mistakes, working through temptations, trying their best to do their best – and it’s true, we’re all alike that way.

Or maybe you think I’m talking about all of us being created by God and gifted to varying degrees in music and creativity. And that’s true, too.

But what I really mean is this: no matter what music genre these artists all over the world are in (hard rock, hip-hop, pop, country, bluegrass, folk music, Christian/Gospel, or praise teams) – they all have similarities!

Now, in the different genres we may have different words for the same concepts. For instance, with praise teams in church, we don’t use the word “stage,” we use the word “platform.” In church, we don’t have a “front man,” we have a “worship leader.” And we don’t “perform,” we “minister.”

All artists want to be “spontaneous,” but Christian artists want to be “led by the Spirit.” And in a worship service there’s no “audience,” but there is a “congregation.”

Well, maybe there are a few subtle differences. :smile:

But conceptually we need to do the same thing. Whether it’s a concert, a club, or a church, people are coming for the same things: to be captured and engaged, to experience moments, and to be changed.

Here’s another similarity… praise and worship teams have a lot of the same problems as other artists. Instead of creating moments, we play songs and hope something happens!

We often have a lack of authority, or we suffer from stage fright and feelings of inadequacy. We can give a lot of misdirection on the platform (visually and musically). And for many of us, our songs look the same even though they don’t sound the same.

Most of all, many of us definitely end up “winging it” quite a bit of the time.

I understand that there are a number of differences, too, between all these musicians and their genres. In fact, next week I’ll let you know 7 differences I can think of between a praise team and any other band.

But in the meantime, I hope you recognize that you also have many of the same goals as other artists, as well as many of the same obstacles. And learning the skills and techniques necessary to capture and engage your audience (whoops!) – I mean “congregation”… create special moments for them, and to help them experience a change in their lives is an important thing to do!

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson, world renowned Live Music Producer, helps musicians and worship teams develop songs into “unique worship moments.” His Live Music Methods help create freedom in the room so your congregation can express their worship more freely and passionately than ever before! Tom has worked with nearly every genre from rock to pop to Christian Gospel, impacting major artists and worship leaders such as Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, NewSong, Sidewalk Prophets, Chris Tomlin, Francesca Battistelli, Todd Agnew, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Parachute Band, The Martins, plus a multitude of independent artists.

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