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Fun With a 5-Stroke Roll

It’s so helpful to know the classic drum rudiments. I use them all the time for exercises and warm-ups. You can find them in most drum method books, and now on-line at many drum web sites. (*Download a pdf file for free at –

The rudiments are really the drummer’s alphabet. When you know them and build upon the concepts, you will really expand your drum vocabulary.

In this little video clip I was just warming up at a sound check (softly). I was messing around with a 5-stroke roll. (RRLLR – LLRRL) But rather than ending on the snare I just played the last note on the kick. RRLLK. Nothing fancy, but a very musical idea I’ve used on occasion.

You can experiment with any idea you learn and make it as creative and musical as you want. The key is to always be musical and think melodically. Make the drums “sing.”

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