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Jodi Marcum

Jodi Marcum is Tom Jackson's assistant, working with everything from bookings to workshops, and blogs to web design! Having been a touring artist herself, Jodi enjoys helping other artists see the potential their live show has and the effectiveness of Tom's Live Music Methods for their career. And as a mom and grandma, she finds it easy to keep the Tom Jackson Productions family organized and healthy!

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Step Up To The Microphone

  1. On Tom’s cd series “live in Kansas City” Tom mentions there are specific results for specific moves on stage. Are these elements scattered throughout the series or is there a specific DVD with this information listed?
    I am getting a great deal of knowledge from all the worship series as well as Roads to the stage. This is material I have always hungered for. It is also shocking when a fellow musician disavows and refuses the existence of this knowledge.
    keep up the good work. Sincerely.

    • Jodi Marcum says:

      Georgie, Tom’s CD series doesn’t go into great detail about movement simply because with an audio lesson it’s hard to describe. However, our All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD series does have specific information, especially Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method Book. That has a LOT of information on Tom’s entire Method, complete with Stickman illustrations to show you what he’s talking about. :)

Step Up To The Microphone