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Too Good for This?

I was ready for two days of work with a band in Baltimore.

I wondered how it would go, because they’re great musicians and have always been told this. Typically musicians of this caliber would say, “We’re good enough, we don’t need any of that Tom Jackson stuff!”

But to their credit, someone in the band realized their show was still lacking, after hearing Tom speak. They saw the value in getting some help, ordered Tom’s videos, watched them together, then got on the phone and asked me to come up and do some one-on-one sessions.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a group more receptive to what I brought to the table!

These guys have been playing together for years and are no hacks. They probably could have been playing with some elite type jazz bands, but they are using their talents in the US Army.

I know what you’re saying… “they HAVE to take orders! They are trained to!” Right – but I could see in their eyes they were openly receptive to anything I asked them to do. Even the eldest member of the band was ready and willing to hit the floor or jump on a stool when I asked him to. (Much to the delight of the rest of the band :smile: )

The drummer tried standing up for a section when I asked him to. The bass player took a solo when I asked. The guitar player ran across the stage when I asked. The lead singers changed their delivery upon request. And the band tried the different arrangements I came up with to leave space for moments.

It was their willingness to learn that opened them up to walk down a road they hadn’t been down before. And it’s what will make a difference in the audience’s reaction to them once they put these changes in action onstage.

I’m so excited to hear how things go for these guys. When people ask us the value of what we teach, we have to say that we’ve never seen it not work! That’s why it’s so rewarding to work with artists, and give them a roadmap for a great show.

Here’s a peek at what a session might look like for you…

Let me know if you think you’re not too good for this kind of help. I’d love to come to your church and help your band take it to a whole new level of emotional connection with your audience!


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Amy Wolter

Amy has vast and varied experience in music, from keyboardist to lead singer, from songwriter to producer. She fronted a nationally touring Christian rock band that garnered some top 10 CCM hits. Playing in a variety of venues and churches gave her a real understanding of what audiences and congregations connect with. As a member of her church’s worship team, Amy understands the challenges that come with this, and enjoys helping Christian artists and Worship Teams create freedom in the room to truly express their worship.

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