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Expressive Worship is a creation of Tom Jackson Productions. It was inspired by Tom’s unique giftedness for helping singers and musicians connect emotionally to the people listening to them, and by Tom’s passion in believing that worship is one of the most important places to have that connection.

In order to more effectively guide worship teams, worship artists, and other Christian musicians into serving as channels of God’s grace, Tom created specific methods and resources based on his seasoned and proven Live Music Methods.

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson, the #1 Live Music Producer in the industry, helps artists and worship teams develop their songs into “unique memorable moments.” read more…

Tom’s Live Music Methods

Tom Jackson understands the 3 reasons an audience comes to a show. He has developed the Live Music Method, an onstage method that makes a live show engaging and memorable.

Those same concepts Tom teaches artists when developing their show into “unique memorable moments” are exactly what praise and worship teams need to learn in order to draw the congregation into worship every Sunday!

By developing Sunday morning songs into “unique worship moments,” you can create an atmosphere of extraordinary praise and focus on the One your congregation came to worship. Members of your praise team will be excited to participate, confident that they are serving the congregation in a relevant and useful way.

Tom’s Live Music Methods transcend genres of music, getting to the heart of the matter: that people understand and connect with people, not scales and chord progressions.

Purpose and Beliefs

We are a Christian owned company that believes we have been called to equip and inspire worship leaders, worship teams, and all Christian musicians to be channels of God’s grace through their live music presentation.

The website exists to provide the church with resources for this purpose. read more…

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