expressive worship


Your classes and teaching are right in line with our desire to help worship teams become excellent in leading people in the worship of our beautiful King. — Darlene Zschech, Hillsong

Tom, you remind me of why I’m a musician…for the love of the music, and the desire to create moments to make someone’s spirit dance and come alive inside. — Spence Smith, Big Tent Revival

Tom’s ability to combine who we are and what our ministry is about in performance is a gift. His work with us is worth every penny spent. — Eddie Carswell, Newsong

Tom Jackson breathed life into our set. The audience not only hears the message but sees it as well. — Randy Phillips, Phillips, Craig & Dean

Your sessions went a long way to developing the local Christian music scene in New Zealand. Both Parachute and the artists have learned a lot from your time with us. — Rodney Featherstone, Parachute Music

Tom is a genius when it comes to offering ideas to improve ministry. He is never boring and always has something fresh, new and funny to offer no matter how many times you see him. It’s an experience you owe yourself (ESPECIALLY if you’re struggling); you will become better at what you do as a result of even just a few hours with this guy! — Lynn Geyer, President of CAM

After hearing from Tom’s “heart” and seeing his instruction, I saw that they both surpassed his reputation. He has a gifting to help release artists and worship teams to grow into their potential, and is a true blessing to those looking for help because he has real answers. — Leann Albrecht, Integrity artist/speaker

Our worship leaders wanted to know ‘what that guy (Tom) did with the band?’ People have been blessed. It’s funny how the way we look visually helps with corporate worship. — Tim Foster, San Diego

Tom Jackson’s principles provide the solid foundation for music ministries to lead people into true worship. He covers all the bases, whether it’s the music, arrangement, or presentation…the ministry shines through! — Elliott Cunningham, Pastor Storehouse Ministries, True Worship Experience

Tom rocks! He says people don’t just hear songs, they see them. Singing “I am free” doesn’t mean you’re free to look like Jesus never saved you in the first place! There is much to be joyous about, much to praise Him about, much to be thankful for. Worship, people! — Annette Granger, California

Tom met with our worship team and it was awesome! He is a genius with getting the most out of every person. We left wishing we could have at least another week with him. — Pastor Chuck Rheam, San Migual Community Church, San Diego, CA

We love your Expressive Worship DVD. It’s been a huge boost for our worship team. — David Woll, worship leader

After attending the worship conference, I felt strongly I should try some of your new ideas immediately. The congregation LOVED it and responded like never before. The band also LOVED the ideas and were so excited to be doing the song other than the “same ole same ole.” I also did a little comic bit to introduce a song which went over well. My wit (at least I’ve been told) is one of my strong suits but I often hold it back in worship so as not to appear “inappropriate.” But you inspired me this weekend when you said that showing our individual personalities is only being more of who God made us to be. What could be more worshipful than rejoicing in who he made us to be? The pastor called me this afternoon after the service saying it was one of the best services we’ve ever done! Thank you for an awesome conference! — Stephanie Newton, worship leader

Thank you for the Expressive Worship Workshop. My life has been changed. Forever. God got a hold of my heart this weekend, through your teaching. It was as if it was what I’ve always felt my entire life that worship was, should be, whatever, was validated and affirmed for the first time. I’ve always had a heart for worship but could never figure out what I was doing wrong – why weren’t the people responding, why did I still feel like such a failure? Why couldn’t I ever get through a worship service without a mistake? This weekend all that was stripped away, the stones around my heart crumbled, and the mask I’ve kept on my face was ripped away.

The first Sunday after your workshop I tried a few of the techniques. I’ve never experienced worship like that in our church before. I loved on my congregation, and they loved back! I intentionally made eye contact with them – and they smiled back! I worshiped God with all my heart and held nothing back, being true to the self God created me to be…and I saw them respond! I saw God touch their hearts – I saw the excitement on their faces. Our electric guitar player actually moved! It was truly heavenly. We can’t wait for the next Expressive Worship Workshop. The team members unable to come this time are jealous of our excitement and enthusiasm. I truly believe this will transform worship in our country, one church at a time. — Mary Mincy, worship leader

It was an awesome learning experience…greatly encouraging…you have definitely ruined me in a good way! It will be fun to be constantly looking for moments and incredible opportunities for worship. — Benji Cowart, Vintage Band

Just in the few months since the Expressive Worship workshop we have seen huge changes in how we rehearse and work a song. It’s no longer Christian karaoke… it’s now creating unique opportunities to inspire the congregation to worship God in these songs. — Jason Rymshaw, worship leader

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