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Special Christmas Savings for Your Worship Team

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No matter which DVD set you choose, you’ll be helping your worship team more effectively lead your congregation in worship. [Read more...]

Expressive Worship Team Training Idea

Let’s face it – there are dozens of things you’d like to do to train your worship team so they can do their best in serving and leading worship on Sunday mornings.

You’d probably like to teach them the best way to learn the music and be prepared when they walk into rehearsal. Maybe you’ve been thinking about helping some of them learn to play their instrument with more skill.

And there’s a whole list of practical things they need to know (cut offs, how to transition between songs, learning and following hand signals, etc.). Not to mention the whole “presence on the platform” and “emotionally connecting” thing that Tom Jackson teaches!

So where do you start?! [Read more...]

Tom Jackson in Southlake TX on 10/27/11

Tom will be doing worship team training for Dallas/Ft. Worth area worship pastors during an afternoon session. Then in the evening, he will do more training for the Gateway Church weekend platform family as well. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and would like to attend, contact Gateway Church Worship department.

Tom Jackson in Redmond, WA on 11/12/11

Tom’s classes every year at this event are favorites of many who go! And this year, the band he uses for his Worship Music Makeover will be selected by local Seattle Christian radio listeners… contact CMS for more information.

Christian Musician Magazine Features Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson was featured in the July/August issue of Christian Musician Magazine with an article entitled “Kicked in the Rear with Love.”

Tom regularly submits articles to music publications and websites such as Christian Musician, CCM Online, and others. His encouraging and helpful writing for Christian artists, worship teams, and worship artists is much in demand.

You’ll find Tom’s article on page 24 of the publication, and can read the entire issue online here…

Amy Wolter in Cedarville OH on 07/25/11

Amy Wolter will be doing a worship music makeover with a band, showing all Camp Electric attendees how to break through fear onstage and build live show “moments.”

Camp Electric brings together Christian musicians ages 13-19 and teaches them band dynamics, the art of leading worship, and performance skills that are truly invaluable.

These don’t-miss workshops will help you make your music compelling and unique!

Have a “God-Party”

On the way to Good Friday worship service, my friend’s 4-year-old daughter Layla said, “I want God to be in my heart.” My friend was overjoyed! She told Layla to just talk to God and ask him to “come in.”

Layla proceeded to fill their car with the sweet incense of prayer, asking her heavenly Father to enter her heart and make her His child.

But it didn’t stop there. [Read more...]

Tom Jackson in Brentwood, TN on 05/20/11

A worship workshop unlike any other!

  • If you want your praise team to become a creative, expressive group of worship leaders…
  • If your worship team wants to give it all to God in the same energetic way as groups like Hillsong, Parachute, or Passion…
  • If you are a worship artist that wants to really communicate the message in your music…

…then this workshop is for you!

Tom Jackson in Brentwood, TN on 05/05/11

Tom Jackson will be teaching both afternoons at this worship conference hosted by worship artist and songwriter Carl Cartee. Tom’s classes will include “Building Your House of Worship” and “Love and Lead Your Congregation.”

Held at the Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, it’s an event you shouldn’t miss!

New Resource for Christian Indie Artists

The new CCM Indie website has just been launched as a resource for Christian Indie artists!

A subsidiary of CCM Magazine and Salem Publishing, CCM Indie is designed to be a one stop resource for independent artists and the creative community that supports them. CCM Indie offers information and contacts on everything from performance skills to business smarts and marketing tips to encouraging words through tough times.

CCM Indie’s monthly newsletter will always feature three areas of focus for enhancement: music, business, faith.

Tom Jackson is glad to have been asked to contribute monthly blog features to help Christian Indie artists get some answers about their live show.

For more information and to sign up for their newsletter, visit CCM Indie today.