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Music – It’s a Powerful Thing

I am often amazed at how much music affects the way I feel in any given setting.

I was shopping with my friend, Linda, recently. As we wondered through the aisles of clothing, I was conscious of feeling negative and dark. When I took a minute to analyze the source of irritation, I realized it was the music the store was playing. [Read more...]

The Lost Art of Conversation: loving and caring

I learned much of my genuine love and concern for people from my parents. In fact, my father never met a stranger. On the sidewalks of town, at the gas station or shopping at Sears, he knew how to draw people out, even if only for a smile to brighten their day.

He valued people. Their opinions, experiences, their joys and sorrows were of importance to my father. I have to admit, [Read more...]

The Lost Art of Conversation: conversational narcissism

We all have friends who constantly talk about themselves for hours on end. If by some miracle, we get a chance to interject a personal thought, it is met with a blank stare and the subject is quickly escorted back to something that relates to their life.

I call them “conversational narcissists.” [Read more...]

The Lost Art of Conversation: the “me” syndrome

I have a dear friend (I’ll call her Susan) who lived in another city so we didn’t get to see each other often.

Susan, like many others, suffered from the “me syndrome.” Every time we got together, her wall of words pelted me like a machine gun as I listened to the endless details of her life.

Invariably, at the end of our chats, I would walk away unfulfilled and disappointed because it seemed [Read more...]

The Lost Art of Conversation: a 2-way street

Leann Albrecht - worship leader, speaker and author

In the beginning, God created the universe by the spoken word. The book of Genesis recounts those first moments. “And over the darkness God said, “Let there be light” and there was light.”

After He finished His exquisite expanse of earth and sky, He added one more living form called “man.” Adam and Eve were created to have friendship with God and He conversed with them in the Garden of Eden.

We are creatures designed to be able to speak, listen, and understand each other. Conversation simply means: [Read more...]