expressive worship

What We Teach

Learn how to create freedom in the room so your congregation can be more receptive to the Holy Spirit.

Learn to draw people into worship, deliver praise songs with passion, and create memorable worship moments.

And learn to do all of this with true humility, using God’s gifts and talents with confidence and wisdom!

Here’s how you can learn these basic skills:

1. Getting Started. Take a look at our Worship Resources. Tom has taught all over the world, but you can learn his teaching right in your own home or church! Our Expressive Worship DVDs were filmed live in New Zealand and in Nashville in front of worship teams and worship artists just like you.

Educate yourself and your worship team at your own convenience. Having the Workshops and Worship Music Makeovers on DVD allows you to return to the concepts over and over again, as you go through your own regular rehearsal time.

2. Dig Deeper. Have us come and do Worship Team Training: a 1-on-1 workshop for you and your praise team with a Live Music Producer who will alternate between teaching the concepts and then showing the principles in action with your worship team.

You want to be an instrument of change that God can use, and Tom’s principles will help you reach your maximum potential for music ministry!


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