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Expressive Worship Team Training at Your Church

When we come to YOUR CHURCH for an Expressive Worship Team Training day, we’ll work hands-on with your team, teaching them to break through fear on the platform, build worship moments, and create freedom in the room for YOUR congregation to worship!

This training is inspirational and revitalizing. Your team will learn the foundational skills required to be more than just singers and musicians…

Expressive Worship Team Training at your church will empower and
encourage your team to use the gifts God has entrusted to them!

Your team will learn to:

  • Use non-verbal cues to lead your congregation and draw them into worship
  • Turn worship songs into worship moments
  • Create “space” in a song to allow the congregation to be more receptive to the Holy Spirit
  • Lead worship with confidence in their God-given calling
  • Be an instrument to change lives

In addition, your team will go through the rehearsal process with two worship songs, so that by the end of the day you will have 2 fully arranged and developed songs to use with your own congregation – and you’ll have a solid understanding of how you can use the same process to develop more songs after the training is over!

“Just in the few months since the Expressive Worship training we have seen huge changes in how we rehearse and work a song. It’s no longer Christian karaoke… it’s now creating unique opportunities to inspire the congregation to worship God in these songs.” Jason Rymshaw, worship leader


Amy Wolter, based out of Nashville

Have Tom’s trained associate, Amy Wolter travel to your church to train your team. Their hands-on help for your worship team will motivate and inspire!

 COST: $1,400 (plus any travel expenses) 

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Here’s what worship leaders are saying:


“Amy, we were leading worship at a church and, of course, putting into practice the tools we’ve learned from Expressive Worship. It was pretty packed (seating about 500) so we had plenty of platform to cover and people to connect with. The responses were incredible! People caught on to new songs and were almost louder than we were by the end of them. So many came up and complimented us on our ability to lead them and create a moving worship experience. The kicker was the pastor’s comment: he was really thankful for our humility. Of all things, I wouldn’t have expected him to call us humble while we were “commanding the stage.” But I guess if it’s done right, our desire to humbly lead the church comes through clearly. I’m sure you don’t hear this enough so: Thank You!” Jacob and Katie Eckeberger

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