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The Beginning Drummer by Carl Albrecht

Learn the fundamentals of modern drumming techniques without overlooking the critical basics. Vital to beginning drummers, this video will give you the nuts & bolts to build your skill so you can perform well on your instrument.

Topics covered include: tuning concepts, stick grip techniques, fundamental rudiments, 4 basic drum grooves, patterns using 8th notes, 16th notes, triplets, & shuffles (including swing and hip-hop).

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Drums & Percussion: The Next Step by Carl Albrecht

Expand beyond the basics as you add more drums, cymbals, even percussion instruments to your set. Learn colorful options with various sticks, mallets, brushes, along with a few percussion elements for added effect. And learn to use rudiments more musically.

Topics covered include: expanding your drum kit, tuning options, rudiment development, and building groove & fill ideas.

Order the DVD now for $29.95

Drum Grooves for Worship by Carl Albrecht

With so many songs in contemporary worship, a drummer might think it’s impossible to learn them all. But after analyzing the top 100 CCLI worship songs, Carl Albrecht found only 7 essential drum patterns used.

Carl breaks down the drum grooves into simple musical terms, explaining with detail the parts of each pattern. Beginning to intermediate players, and even advanced drummers will find this to be a helpful resource!

Order the DVD now for $29.95

Drum Miking Made Easy by Carl Albrecht

Getting a great drum sound is a tough job for even the best engineer. Session and touring drummer, Carl Albrecht from Nashville, along with Doug Gould of Shure and Mike Overlin of Yamaha, carefully explain the tricks of the trade.

This top trio of clinicians take the mystery out of drum “soundology.” Learn drum tuning and sound, microphone selection and audio mixing tricks. A gold mine of information for any musician or engineer!

Order the DVD now for $29.95

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